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The next Director-General will lead the ILO at a time of global uncertainty and transformation.

Greg’s vision is for a world that ensures social justice and decent work for all.

Under Greg’s leadership, the ILO will prioritise a human-centred recovery from the pandemic that is inclusive, sustainable and resilient.

Greg has a thorough understanding of how the ILO, its constituents, and the United Nations operate; how to build consensus in a complex multilateral environment; and how to embrace the ILO’s proven tripartism structure.

With these credentials, Greg is uniquely placed to address the challenges facing the world of work, and the opportunities available.

As the first Director-General elected from the Asia-Pacific region, Greg would bring valuable experience from working across the region to ensure that the ILO recognises and responds to the diverse needs of all member states.

To deliver Greg’s vision for a world that ensures social justice and decent work for all, he will:

  • ensure ILO labour standards and the supervisory system are globally recognised and respected as the basis on which to advance the decent work agenda and a human centred future of work
  • reinvigorate social dialogue, shared ambition and trust, to respond to the changing realities of the world of work
  • equip the organisation to deliver transformation in the world of work, including in gender equality, and through just transitions for climate change, digitalisation and intergenerational challenges
  • engage strategically, globally and regionally to build partnerships for success
  • represent and respond to the constituents the ILO serves.

“Together, we can build forward better from the COVID-19 crisis, to create an inclusive, sustainable and resilient future of work for all.” – Greg Vines