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Who is Greg Vines?

  • A well-respected and exceptionally skilled leader and international public servant.
  • An impartial consensus builder, with decades of experience working with governments, workers and employers across the Asia-Pacific region, internationally and in multilateral networks.
  • An expert in diplomatic negotiations with a deep understanding of employment and labour relations issues.

Greg's leadership has established strong foundations from which he is uniquely positioned to lead the ILO in building an inclusive, sustainable and resilient future of work for all.

Current position

Since 2012, Greg has served as ILO Deputy Director-General for Management and Reform. In this role, Greg is responsible for operational, governance and programmatic policy planning and delivery.

As Deputy Director-General for Management and Reform, Greg has:

  • Led significant internal reform of the ILO, improved service delivery and increased diversity of staffing profiles.
  • Led the ILO's tripartite Call to Action for a human-centred recovery from COVID-19 and positioned the ILO and its expertise centrally in the multilateral network.
  • Led the development of the ILO Centenary Declaration for the Future of Work – the guiding document for the next century of the ILO. 
  • Led negotiations with senior representatives of governments and international employer and worker organisations.
  • Successfully advocated for workplace reform, improved operational and management practices, and sexual harassment policies within the United Nations system.
  • Represented the ILO across the United Nations and multilateral system.

Previous experience

  • Minister (Labour), Australian Permanent Mission to the United Nations, Switzerland 2009–2012
  • Chair, Timor-Leste Civil Service Taskforce, Timor Leste, 2008–2009
  • Public Sector Standards Commissioner, Victorian Government, Australia, 2005–2009
  • Deputy Secretary, Department of Innovation, Industry & Regional Development, Victorian Government, Australia, 2003–2005
  • State Services Commissioner, Tasmanian Government, Australia, 2000–2003
  • Trade Union Leadership roles, State Public Services Federation, Australia, 1984–1999
  • Employer Advocate, State Electricity Commission of Victoria, Australia, 1980–1984


  • Bachelor of Laws (Honours), University of Tasmania
  • Bachelor of Business, Monash University
  • Mediation at Melbourne Law, Melbourne University
  • Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, New South Wales College of Law
  • Executive Program in Labour Relations, Harvard University
  • Executive Fellows Program, Australia and New Zealand School of Government
  • Australian citizen

Read Greg's vision for the ILO

Greg Vines – CV

Image of Greg Vines

"As the first Director-General elected from the Asia-Pacific region, I would bring valuable experience working across the region to ensure that the ILO recognises and responds to the diverse needs of all member states."

– Mr Greg Vines

Image of Greg Vines
Greg Vines, Chair of the Governing Body of the ILO, 2011.